What about the european accents in the great english language? My favoruite one is he fren acccent, you have to pronounce the r as a mix between h and g, you’ll see it in this nice video. I’ll tag its link. There’re also lots of more accents like th epolish one which is so beautiful and carries a lot of work in it. Here is the french accent, an believe me! This will improve your accents skills



Today, we’ll be talking about the wonderful british accent, this consists in pronouncing the o so hard and out loud, it also makes you have to take some r’s in a lot of words, words you wouldn’t pronounce the r, it’d be wo’ds. The most famous british accents is the cockney accent from the east of London, I really recommend you guys the eBook it’ll help you have a perfect british accent as it includes lots of audios in a few CD’s, Have a wonfderful day!!!ebook brish 'ccenthere you have a nice link to a british accent video in YouTube :


You´d probably be asking what this new blog is going to be about…Well it´s basically going to talk about accents, yes accents that are derived from the England english, we´ll learn some accents like the australian, cockney or canadian ones. By reading my posts you´ll know how to fake a lot of english accents, hope you enjoy it! 😀